Saturday, April 3, 2010

Her Story

She works so hard to suppress the stupid feeling that she has all these while. But only to find she's falling deeper into a dark hole with no limits...deeper than ever. Where's the bottom of the hole? Or it's like a galaxy with no end?

She doesn't understand why she needs to go through this. She hates to see people who are same like her, the usual human being, the same age, has different fate. Sometimes, she feels unstable; sometimes she is jealous and envy. Then she starts to wonder, and questions without answers pop out in her mind like ants coming out from a hole.

Nobody sees her.

That's the most cruel thing for her, ever......

And she's wandering endlessly, helplessly and hopelessly....not knowing where to seek her happiness. Talking about happiness, she doesn't remember how it really feels to be happy anymore.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wish

There's only one thought that fills my entire mind today...

I wish....

that i could find love & be loved again...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wake up girl

I feel unexpectedly moody and down, for some reasons I couldn't tell. I hope it will not haunt me for any longer, because I think it would be silly for me to feel so. But, how could I control such feelings? Especially when it comes to sentimental matters. But hell no...I don't want to feel worse anymore. Enough till here please, emo viv!

Seriously, I'm surprised that i would feel moody and down after we talked about your matter. How could it be possible? It SUPPOSED to be impossible, isn't it? Lets hope that it cease here, and go no further; because it would be a disaster if i hang onto such complicated feelings.

Therefore, i shall awaken the sensible and rational side of me, and send the emotional and sentimental side of me to sleep......

Wake up girl....there's no hope for u there, only disappointment and disaster.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Be Happy

Find a reason to be happy, I told myself. And YES!!! That's what I'll be working on!

I m not trying to say that I wasn't happy all these while, but right now, I wanted more! Something more interesting and adventurous perhaps?

First of all, I will need to state down "What interest me?" and "What I would love to do/have?" I like out-ing actually, which I think most people wont believe! Haha. Anyway, I would like to try new stuff, see new and interesting things.... yeah....i mean SEE~ Let my eyes capture the beautiful views and moments around me. I like to capture things that are beautiful. Or every now and then, some simple but meaningful moments. By then, it came to my mind that, oh ya! I need a new camera!

Camera? Nay~ not SLR....too bulky for me....and i don't have that much budget either! Muahahaha~ i still prefer a thin and light digital camera. After all, all the latest digital cameras come with lots of functions and features too! So, my first aim is to get a new camera! Hola!


I read someone's blog in blogger today. I love her blog so much. And surprisingly, she inspires me, in a very good and positive way. She inspires me and help me to understand some matters. I can't believe either! It's amazing.

And right now, I just need to enjoy my life to the fullest, my way. Why should I care or feel sad if someone says I am not beautiful? I don't have to, because somewhere out there, there are people who thinks I am. Why should I be moody over someone who doesn't miss me, when there are people out there who miss me? What I am trying to say is, if there's someone who doesn't see you, it doesn't matter, because there are others who will. All I gotta do is be myself, right?


Alrite....don't go too far....enough of Viv's Philosophy....

First target : Camera!

So.... I come! Muahahaha~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


去哪儿了 那份对设计的兴趣与热情
去哪儿了 那原本活跃又创意的思维
去哪儿了 那打从心里要奋斗的精神
去哪儿了 那水汪汪有神的心灵之窗
去哪儿了 那秀出凌乱牙齿的大笑容
去哪儿了 那抬头挺胸满满的自信心
去哪儿了 那所有疼爱我的人的呵护
去哪儿了 那对世界美好存有的希望

一路走来 才发现失去了这么多真我

我的兴趣 我的热情
我的创意 我的奋斗
我的视觉 我的笑容
我的信心 我的爱护
我的世界 没有了我


需要时间 找回自己
再次努力 为了自己
看见自己 更爱自己

永远记得 我在这里

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Too many disasters,
too many sickness,
too many broken-hearts,
too many lost-of-hope;

People panic and cry
over their lost home,
lost of their closest family & friends;
and lost of fortune;

We pray,
for victims of earthquakes, floods, snow storm...
may strength, hope & will stay with you.


*picture taken by a friend, edited by myself*

"Peach and Love"

Artwork: Peach and Love

(some of the artworks I need to do for freelance.)
It's not perfect, but I just simply love the flowers.